The value of an Interior Designer

The next time you want to debate with any design professional on their pricing, I’m going to respectfully ask you to complete a homework assignment.

Take the smallest room in your home (I.e. bathroom, laundry room) and design it from start to finish. And when I say design, I mean an entirely different look.

Beginning at the planning stage, I would like for you to time yourself.


Start with finding your inspiration then narrow down a concept, then source (shop) for what you’re looking for. Pay attention to your travel time and distance. Keep track of the time spent browsing websites on your phone or computer, placing orders online & the time you go from one store to the next hoping you’ll find just the right piece because your space just won’t be complete without it!

Don’t forget to add any time you spend hanging or installing fixtures or supervising someone else. Oh and if you are really good, then include your measuring & drafting times as well as time spent speaking with inspectors & completing an unknown amount of revisions. Also & especially, keep track of the time it takes you to consult with other people who may share the space who will have an opinion. I can almost guarantee that getting them to see your vision will take longer than you expected so you definitely have to make sure that time is included.

Only stop the clock when you are sleeping & showering because chances are you will still be working while using the bathroom or eating.

When you are done & know that you have done the very best you can with the limited resources you’ve allotted to yourself, then I would like for you to come and tell me how long it took you to do the project.

I know it’ll be longer than you thought it should’ve taken. I know because I do this every day. But me knowing isn’t you knowing. So maybe once you know, you’ll do better. And by better I mean, maybe not telling us it shouldn’t take that long or expecting the labor of a team for less than the pay of one. What would be even better would be not requiring us to deliver HGTV results in two weeks with a DIY budget that we have to kick and scream to get. And the icing on the cake would be if you treated us like humans with feelings who care just as much, if not more, about your space as you do.

Appreciation goes a long way. It really does.

Meme G❤️

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